The Surprise Acquisition

THE ASSIGNMENTDevelop a comprehensive strategy and program for internal and external communications about an upcoming highly confidential, high-profile acquisition.

THE RESPONSEWork collaboratively with senior executives in Legal, IR, HR, Marketing/Sales and other key areas to assess communication challenges and opportunities and develop a structured plan for accomplishing key objectives that support the best interests of the business.

  • Develop core messages for each key audience.
  • Coordinate efforts across both companies.
  • Define management roles for reaching out and responding to employees, top customers, partners, essential vendors and suppliers, the Street, media.
  • Create communication tools appropriate to each target audience and channel:
    • Management statements:
      internal and external announcements
    • Manager information kit:
      talking points, fact sheets, Q&A, media release
    • Web site
    • Media kit
    • Advertising
    • Sales rep briefing and materials
      (adapted from manager kit)
    • Analyst briefing materials
  • Establish timeline and budget.
  • Establish self-assessment systems and metrics:
    internal reactions (segmented by company), customer response, media coverage.
  • Make any necessary adjustments