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August 9 // Focus on Personal Branding

Palm Beach seminar focuses on personal branding

More than a dozen executive search professionals from across the United States successfully completed an advanced course in personal brand management, which I conducted recently on behalf of Canaan Ridge, The Center for Professional Development, in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The multi-day program helped individual participants to define their own individual brand as a key competitive advantage — and source of higher fees and better clients. The program also enabled each professional to develop a personal brand development program tailored exclusively for their situation and needs.

This and other branding and identity courses I have developed are offered through Canaan Ridge at locations throughout North America and Europe. Future programs are scheduled for Chicago in late September, followed by Frankfurt, Germany. Visit for additional details.

Copies of my opening remarks from the Palm Beach session can be seen here.

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August 4 // MacMillan Optimistic on Food Availability, Environmental Sustainability

MacMillan Optimistic on Food Availability, Environmental Sustainability

We can continue to provide ample, nutritious and affordable food for a dramatically growing world population and still sustain our natural resources, Cargill Chairman Emeritus Whitney MacMillan told the Woods Hole Research Center recently.

In a speech to the prestigious Boston-area research group, MacMillan noted that advances in plant genetics and continuing improvement in better farming practices can spark a second wave of green revolution globally – helping provide food for a world population projected to possibly double within the next half-century.

Turning potential into actuality, however, will depend upon making sound public policy choices on farm, trade and environmental issues, he added. Helping guide intelligent decision-making is the role of respected groups such as Woods Hole, he said, who must step up efforts to assure their work is interpreted and applied objectively in an increasingly polarized debate.

MacMillan argued that sound public policy, backed by the superior ability of the private sector to generate wealth, will hold the key to preserving our planet and the people who live on it.

Contact me at for more details on the speech.